You’ll Surely Laugh At This Adorable Bulldog Hilariously Pulling Inflatable Pool Because He Wants To Swim Inside The House

What do you do if you badly want something? Do you insists or you struggle to achieve that? Humans and animals are alike. If we humans will do everything to have our wants become a reality, animals do the same (though it’s hard to imagine). Take this pug for an instance. Yes, he may be […]

This Cute And Caring Bulldog Kisses His Human Sister

Dogs are one of the best animals to be adopted at home because they can do special things that could make us smile. They are treated as one of the members of the family; some owners are really passionate of treating these animals as their own kid. If you are one of the guys who […]

This Bulldog Want To Tell His Owner He Hates Mineral Bottle

Dogs are one of the smartest animals that we could ever adopt at home; the funny and cute things they do often make us smile. Are you one of the guys who love playing with adorable dogs? What do you think is the weirdest and funniest thing your puppy did that make you and your […]

This Bulldog Is Obsessed With Slippers And Loves Stealing It

We all have different interests in life although some of it are far from the others. But what’s important is we try to respect and understand their likes as long as it is not against the law. Being obsessed with slippers is okay but stealing it for the sake of obsession is a different thing. […]

This Rescued Bulldog Felt So Depressed Until Her Owner Did Something Strange. Since Then, Everything Was Changed!

In times when we feel so alone and seems like we carry all the burdens of the world, there would always be someone or something that would make us feel better. And for this dog – it’s her turtle suit. Meet Lily, a rescued English bulldog found abandoned in a trash can suffering from a […]

This Little Girl and Her Bulldog Aren’t Just Owner and Pet to Each Other. What They Had Is Far Beyond One Could Ever Have!

Rebecca Leimbach, 40 from Novi, Michigan is a wife, a mother, an animal lover and a photographer. She has two very special and very, very adorable muses: her 4-year-old daughter Harper and their 7-year-old English bulldog Lola. “When Harper was a baby, Lola would always try to get in the frame and I’d tell her […]

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