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Here Are 10 Sweet Surprising Signs That Your Boyfriend Is Your Friend

Many people believed that a lover isn’t only need to be your special someone but meant to be your very best friend who is your better half at anything. There are couples which relationship started as best friends and it works out very well for both of them. But if your boyfriend didn’t start as […]

17 Reasons Why You Should Be Thankful For Your Dog

There’s no doubt when you hear the quote saying “a dog is a man’s best friend.” It’s perfectly true, because unlike anyone surrounding you, they’ll love you no matter what. It’s them who put a smile on your face when you’re feeling blue and lonely, and when you have all the happiness in the world […]

The Truth Behind Why This Man Is Wearing A Dress Will Have Your Eyes Swollen Because Of Tears.

The deep of love in a real friendship can never be measure but more people would believe that a friend is true when promises made between them didn’t break and was executed. If most friendship existing in this world made their vows not to leave the other, the story of these two best of friends named […]

Is It A Huge Beehive Or A Tent? It’s Actually Both. Wanna See It?

There are people who love to do camping. However, it took a hard time for them to bring things that can give them a comfortable sleep. Well, there’s already a solution for that. It is called a B-and-B Honeycomb Tent. This is a stack-able honey comb structure was designed and built in Belgium. It will […]

These Two Who Were ‘Best Of Friends’ Went For Singing Audition.. But They Did Something Terrible Nobody Expected. Oh, My!

Aside from the family and the significant other that we have, we do have someone we called ‘partner-in-crime’, what we dubbed as the ‘best’ friend. For the longer years both of you know each other, it’s seems like you can’t get out of each other’s hands and loves to go anywhere the one goes. In […]

Warning: Dogs Aren’t Man’s Best Friend.. Their Cuteness Is Their Tactic.. To Hurt You.. Sweetly! LMAO!

We all love animals, and the undefeated number one on our list are the dogs. Those cute little puppies. With their beady eyes and floppy ears, there’s no reason a single soul can’t love them. Once you loved them, they love you back. How would they love us back? Well, we don’t know what they’re thinking […]

This Little Girl and Her Bulldog Aren’t Just Owner and Pet to Each Other. What They Had Is Far Beyond One Could Ever Have!

Rebecca Leimbach, 40 from Novi, Michigan is a wife, a mother, an animal lover and a photographer. She has two very special and very, very adorable muses: her 4-year-old daughter Harper and their 7-year-old English bulldog Lola. “When Harper was a baby, Lola would always try to get in the frame and I’d tell her […]

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