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Amazing Baking Soda Life Hacks You Need To Know – This Is Just Awesome

All of us are just busy bees in our lives. We work, work, and work. But, we still need to keep our homes as organized as possible. Because of the limited time that we have, we just need some of those life hacks given by the YouTube channel HouseholdHacker. Today, you’re going to learn the […]

Make Your Own Foot Softener Using Only Two Ingredients Found In Your Kitchen

Do your feet feel rough and dry? Is it bothering you so much that you can’t get out flaunting your feet? Unsightly skin, no matter which part it is on your body, is not appealing. It worries you and could lessen up your confidence. Who on earth would like to have that scaly skin? Nobody. […]

Beauty Tips: Put Some Shampoo Over Baking Soda And Make Your Hair Feel Soft And Lively

Baking soda is commonly used in cooking as a leaving agent. In household uses, it also acts as a cleaning agent, mild disinfectant and as a pesticide. There are many uses baking soda aside from those mentioned but on this clip, we’ll be talking about its uses in maintaining our skin and beautification of ourselves. […]

Whiten Your Teeth For Two Minutes Using Only Two Low-Priced Ingredients

A smile is a plus to see in everyone’s faces. You have this contagious effect on others when you’re smiling and that means a lot if you want others to be reminded of you. However, not all people have amazing smile- other people’s teeth are broken and others have don’t have that white, good-looking teeth. […]

Health Benefits That You Can Get From Drinking Baking Soda

Chef and health adviser Marcus Guiliano shared on YouTube what are the health benefits that you can get from baking soda or sodium bicarbonate. According to him, among the benefits of this bicarbonated drink is cleansing and some more medical purposes. Watch the video as he show you some of the health benefits that you […]

Girl Build A Baking Soda Erupting Volcano Experiment, Hilariously Poured Herself With Vinegar

Children love Science more than any subject they learned in school. Not only because Science talks about animals and everything they see around them, but also because of experiments they can learn. Who wouldn’t love to do some experiments? Like you, little girl Lean Brennen wanted to try some, so she decided to build an […]

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