This Video Will Teach You How To Make Instant Clouds. It’s Really Cool As It Sounds… So You Better Check This Out!

Cloud is just something we see in the sky. It is a water vapor that is floating in the sky or in the atmosphere. Perhaps, it’s also one of the indication that can tell people if there’s a possibility to rain or not. Some sort of science thing.

But did you know that you can actually make instant clouds at home? Nothing’s really important with it, just a matter of curiosity. Wanna learn it anyway? Let me show you the video.

This video was uploaded by the Fysikshow Youtube Channel. This one will teach you on how to make a cloud with just the use of a boiling water and a liquid nitrogen. One more exciting thing in it is that is very simple. Just pour the boiling water into a liquid nitrogen. It will then result to a chemical reaction creating a massive cloud of frozen particles of ice.

If you want it to be more fun, try to make a bigger one. It would be better. This time,you can already hold the clouds which seems to be so hard to reach before. In other words, you can hold it now. Impressive invention right?

But then, it’s not how actual clouds are made. Such thing that would just answer you curiosity. In addition, try it with authorized person with you for safety purposes.

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