Here’s How You Can Make Your Own Truck Inspired Christmas Decoration

At times, we thought that in order for us to make the best decorations ever, we should also use the most expensive materials. But as it goes, we’ll come to realize that it’s actually never about the materials. Because actually, it’s the thing called as creativity. In other words, on how your piece of art will come up at the end will still be dependent on your creativity.

Like this Christmas decoration. As you see it, it’s just made through the use of 12 empty coke cans, 11 plastic bottle tops, skewers, a tube of super glue and kebab. First, you just have to cut the both ends of the coke cans. Then, you can turn it into a thin, flat sheet. You also need to follow the appropriate measurements to make it a better one. And of course, you also need to be careful while your cutting it for safety purposes. Watch the video below.

Well, the video will actually give you the step by step procedures on how it can be made. At the end, you’ll really prove that it’s just about on being creative. As such, who would have really thought that empty coca cola cans still be as useful as that, right? Somehow, you can really say that it’s amazing.

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Here’s How You Can Make Your Own Truck Inspired Christmas Decoration

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