This Crazy Game Will Surely Make You Cry, From Laughing

mouse trap
There are a lot of people who dares them self in doing crazy things to make fun with others, are you one of the guys who love doing hilarious activities? What do you think is the weirdest game you’ve ever played? If you love seeing people doing funny challenge, here is a video that you need to watch.

In this video, you’ll about to see how the best funny game this 2015. What these guys did will surely give you excitement and fun while watching the video, I’m sure you never tried of doing this game before. These guys are hilariously crazy in using the mouse trap for their crazy challenge, check this out.

Have you ever tried of getting something on a mouse trap before? What was on their mind and they did this insane activity? I’m sure you’ve laughed hard while watching the video, how crazy is that?

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