This Self Proclaimed Female Stunt Rider Claims To Be A Professional

People doing the most incredible tricks in the world are jaw dropping once we see them performing live; they really practiced hard in order to achieve their great skills. One of the most amazing stuntmen are the big bike riders, most of the guys are inspired to learn some tricks once they see some professionals doing one.

Girls are pretty admiring once they have beautiful faces with unique talent, they’ll surely catch the attention of men once they show some skills. If you are a big fan of big bikes, here is a video that you’ll surely enjoy watching. In this video, you’ll about to see this self proclaimed female stunt rider who claims to be pro. Watch her video for you to decide.

Chesca Miles is 20 years old on the video; he rides the motorbike since he was 14. Believe it or not, she just started practicing this freestyle in just 7 months. She was formally known to be a part of the Streetbike Freestyle Team Stunt Starz in London. She’s truly one of a kind girl, incredible skills.

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This Self Proclaimed Female Stunt Rider Claims To Be A Professional

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