This Man Never Saw The Pole And Surprised Some Strangers

It is really fun to make our friends look fool and feel embarrassment, that is the reason why we love planning crazy things to make it possible. Do you love making some pranks together with your friends on public places? If you are, here is a crazy and funny prank that you can also try of doing sometime.

This video was uploaded by the channel ThatWasEpic on YouTube where you can find some of the craziest and funniest prank videos. In this episode, you’ll see how this guy pranks some strangers by bumping his head in some poles. They thought that it was real, but he was just trolling them.

The strangers on public places were truly worried because of what he did, he’s definitely crazy. Have you ever tried doing something like this before?

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This Man Never Saw The Pole And Surprised Some Strangers

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