Woman Shows Seemingly Endless Combo Of Flips

We can be what we want if we are determined, passionate and courageous. We can turn the impossible into possible as long as we have the willingness to do so. This gymnast named Angel Rice will inspire you to do what your mind and heart speaks.

Angel Rice is considered as one of the best cheerleaders and power tumblers in the world, having perfected some of the most difficult stunts in the sport. During theĀ All Star Games, Angel Rice once again wowed everyone as she shows a seemingly endless combo of flips. Watch her on the video below.

Angel Rice was only 3 years old when she knew that she wanted to tumble. Because her mother could not afford to send her to gyms, they just go to local gyms and duplicate what they saw when they went home. She is inspiring that she did not let their financial incapability hinder her dreams.

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