This Little Kid Hides In The Cupboard To Eat Chocolates

Kids by nature are really so naughty. Somehow, this is also one of the happiest and important part of growing up. As such, one of the reasons why they are like that was because they still tend to learn things. But of course, no matter how naughty they had become, we can’t stay mad to them for a long time, right? Perhaps, it’s because of their cuteness.

Anyways, talking about babies and kids, this video is actually what it’s all about. It will show you on how a certain kid hide just to eat chocolates. As such, it looks like her mother don’t want her to eat more chocolates everyday. But since she really wanted it, she somehow break the rule. Watch how it goes on the video below.

By the way, her name was Anabella. And on the video, she was hiding on the cupboard eating her favorite Nutella. And when her mother acts as if she was already mad and wanting the chocolates away from the Anabella, she just act as if she don’t care. Actually, this kid is really so cute. Have you done this one on the past or when you’re just young? How was it?

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This Little Kid Hides In The Cupboard To Eat Chocolates

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