16 Unseen Historical Photos You Need To See. #14 Made Me Speechless.

What we are and have right now is all because of what and where we have been- the past. Past denotes everything in the present and speaks of great possibilities that might happen in the future. It greatly influenced our life and from anyone’s point of view, history is part of us.

We have witnessed several moments in history- all of the firsts, inventions, wars, and all of humans’ natural countenance. We have seen a lot of them, but as time goes by, we used to forget all of those puzzles that formed our lives.

And so to relive memorable moments from history, here are few of the photos you need to see:

1. The real-life Christopher Robin and Winnie The Pooh.

historical photos 5


2. Test pilot George Aird flying the English Electronic Lightning F-1. He had to eject himself out of the plane after losing control of it.

historical photos 16

3. During the Prague Spring in 1968, a Soviet soldier chases a young Czech man who was throwing rocks at a tank.


historical photos 6

4. Steven Spielberg taking photos of some of the set pieces that were made as miniatures for the first Indiana Jones movie Raiders of the Lost Ark.


historical photos 7


5. A black police officer protects a member of the KKK during a rally in 1983.

historical photos 8


6. East Bay Dragons, the first black biker’s club, in Oakland, California in the 1960s.


historical photos 3


7. Yoko Ono tweeted a picture of the bloody glasses John Lennon was wearing when he was assassinated in 1980.

historical photos 1

8. The first time Coca-Cola was introduced in France in 1950.


historical photos 4


9. This is arguably the earliest born person to be captured on camera. Her name is Hannah Stilley and she was born in 1746. This picture was taken in 1840.

historical photos 9

10. A 7600-ton building being moved in Romania in 1987 to create a boulevard.


historical photos 10

11. A stripper makes a visit on the trading floor of the Toronto Stock Exchange in the late 1970s.


historical photos 11

12. The Beatles, a year and a half before they were famous, played for only 18 people in a small club called Aldershot in 1961.


historical photos 12


13. Fidel Castro and Che Guevara fishing in 1960.

historical photos 13


14. The aftermath of D-Day as two boys watch from a tree while American soldiers drive through Saint Lo in France.

historical photos 14


15. Russia’s future Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev, as a young man in 1986.

historical photos 15


16. A Pakistani soldier during Bangladesh’s civil war examines a man to see whether he has been circumcised or not–a telling sign of whether or not he was Hindu, as Hindu men were not circumcised. This photo is essentially witnessing the deciding moment of whether this man’s life is spared or taken.


historical photos 2


Source Credit: Diply

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