Proof That This Hot Beverage Can Boost Memory And Brain Health – Must Know

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Every morning, people would love a sip from their favorite hot beverage. This is commonly done to have a boost and a rejuvenating start for the busy day. Among the most common hot beverages that people love to drink is a cup of hot chocolate.

Well, regardless of any age, who doesn’t love to drink hot chocolate? Imagine the yumminess, warmth, and the smell of the hot chocolate. Isn’t it amazing?

Most people thought this drink is just for pleasure. But, did you know that there are amazing health benefits in every sip of your favorite hot drink?

A study done by Harvard Medical School says that having a few cups of hot cocoa daily could really improve memory and even protect the brain from different mental disorders in elder people.

The Study

The research involved 60 adults with an average age of 73. No one had dementia at the start of the study and were told to avoid consumption of any other chocolate products. Then, each participant was given 2 cups of hot chocolate daily for 30 days.

After the experiment, both the memory and thinking skills of the participants were examined, and they also had ultrasounds to measure the blo0d flow to the brain during the tests.

The result of the study shows that about third of the participants that impaired blood flow at the start of the study have shown an 8.3-per cent improvement in the flow to the working areas of the brain as the study ends.

Surprisingly, almost all participants have improved flow to the brain. Significant improvement in memory are among the result of the experiment.

How Hot Chocolates Work?
The experiment resulted to that actually because of the polyphenols in the chocolate. These antioxidants help increase the flow of our “red fluid” throughout the body and the brain as well.

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In order to get better results, it is advised to use dark chocolate with minimal sugars since dark chocolates contain more antioxidants.

Now, you’ll be enjoying your hot chocolate every morning from now on.

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