Benefits Of Coconut Roots That You Didn’t Know Yet – You Need To Know This

Nature has provided us everything that we will be needing to live in this world. From food, medicine, materials in building our homes, to water we need to drink, it is still surprising. Yes! It is really surprising how these resources have been provided for us.

Natural resources such as trees and plants play major roles in our living. Most especially our ancestors before. They used these trees in order to make food, homes, and other survival purposes. One of the most common trees that used in these purposes is the so called coconut tree.


Coconut trees are common in tropical countries like the Philippines. In almost everywhere, you can see them. These trees are really helpful. Why? Because every part of it has a purpose and is beneficial. From the leaves to roots, everything can be used into something.


Many just recognize the benefits if the coconut and its water. But, did you know that the roots of the coconut tree has some very helpful health benefits?


Well, although coconut roots are just furniture and ingredients for making types of beer, their oil and the roots alone can be used to cure certain ailments.

In countries like China, the roots are being used to shrink mucous memebrane. In Indonesia, it is believe to reduce fever
According to Maurafe and colleagues in the Journal of Agricultural Food Science in 1987, “coconut roots provides carbohydrates, lipids, lauric acid, Myristic, and caprylic. Lauric acid is easily digested acids into energy sources and show antimicrobial lipids that can strengthen the human immune system.”

Some use of coconut roots
1. Treating skin conditions.
Feeling itchy? Get about 2-3 inches of the roots then boil with water. Drink a brew of the roots of coconut tree one glass every morning regularly within one week.


2. For fever and Diarrheα
Take approximately 15 g of coconut roots and boil with a glass of clean water for about 15 minutes. Wait until cool, then strain the brew and drink it down. Do it regularly until your it’s gone.

Pain in the abdomen

Hope this helps!

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Benefits Of Coconut Roots That You Didn’t Know Yet – You Need To Know This

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