Learn How To Cook This Delicious Rice Cake With Crème Caramel On Its Base

Rice is the basic food consumed by most people around the world especially Asian countries. It is considered as the most important grain with regard to human nutrition and caloric intake, and basically, Asian people can’t live a day without rice on the table.

But do you know that aside from eating the rice plain, it can also be cooked in so many different delicacies? Yes, and one of the most favorite rice-made food is the rice cake. Different Asian countries have their own kind of rice cake and Filipinos have also this prepared rice known as ‘puto.’ In this clip, you’ll be able to learn how to cook puto with crème caramel which is commonly called ‘leche puto.’

Yummy! It is the usual steamed rice cake of the Filipinos but instead of putting cheese as toppings, putting the crème caramel or leche flan as base can also be a good combination. Rice cake on the Philippines can be prepared into different kakanin or delicacies but ‘puto’is the mist loved by Filipinos.

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