17 Easy Beauty Tips That Every Girl Should Know

Every woman in this world would like to look pretty in the eyes of many people especially to boys; most of them uses fancy clothes and apply attractive makeup. Are you one of the girls who love making yourself beautiful? I’m sure you are and that is the reason why you need to learn these beauty tips that every woman should know.

If you want to make your guy fell in love with you more, here are the 17 beauty tips you need to learn.

1. Use Excess Eye Cream on Cuticles. The More You Hydrate Your Cuticles, the Stronger Your Nails Will Be

2. 16 For Smudge-Proof Eye Makeup, Take Blotting Tissue to Remove Any Oil or Any Excess Makeup from the Eye Area

3. Always Allow about Two Fingers from Your Nose to Where Blush Starts

4. Balance Out Your Shimmer. If You’re Doing a Shimmery Eye, Opt for a Matte Lipstick

5. Brush Out Your Curls with Your Fingers to Give Your Hair a More Tousled Look

6. Wear White Eyeliner in Your Water Line to Make Eyes Appear Less Red

7. Take a Shimmery Gloss to the Center of Your Lips, Top and Bottom – This Will Attract Light to Your Lips, Making Them Look Pouty

8. For Slicked Back Hair, Use a Hair Serum

9. For the Perfect Cat-Eye, Select a Thin Liner Brush That Is Tapered to the Point

10. To Make Your Cheek Bones Appear Higher, Use Bronzer under the Cheekbone and Highlighter on the Actual Cheekbone

11. Before You Blow Dry, Start with a Volumizing Spray or Light Gel to Give the Roots Some Lift

12. For Fuller Lips, Extend the Lip Line Using a Flesh Tone Lip Liner. Be Careful Not to Go Overboard, Though!

13. The #1 Reason for Flaky Mascara Is That the Formula Is Too Dry or Old

14. To Fake Clear Skin When You Notice a Pimple, Apply Tea Tree Oil as Soon as You Spot It

15. When Choosing a Red Lipstick, You Just Want to Remember to Get One That Looks Good with Your Undertone

16. To Make Curls Last, Make Sure Hair Is Completely Dry before You Begin with the Curling Iron

17. To Make a Zit Go Away Faster, Don’t Pick at It

I’m sure you’ll look attractive not only to your boyfriend, but also to other people once you apply these beauty tips. What do you think?
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