15 Dad And Baby Matching Shirts With Special Prints, #8 Is LOL!

Most especially to fathers who are so fond of their little ones, matching shirts would mean very special to some dad. It goes like saying to the world that the cute baby is his son or daughter and he is proud of having the adorable kid.

There are also mothers out there who love to buy matching shirts for her husband and little one. Aside from having same colored shirts, it is much special if it bear with it unique prints like the ones in these 15 dad and baby matching shirts with special prints.

Some of the prints in these shirt expose realities at home and funny experiences of fathers with their babies.

Here is the list of the 15 dad and baby matching shirts with special prints.

1. Big Man and Little Man Shirts

1. Big Man and Little Man

2. ‘I Fix Cars’ and ‘I Play with Cars’ Shirts

I Fix Cars and I Play with Cars

3. ‘Jedi Master’ and ‘Jedi Knight in Training’ Shirts

Jedi Master and Jedi Knight in Training

4. ‘Man of the House’ and ‘Man of the Crib’ Shirts

Man of the House and Man of the Crib

5. Big Dude and Little Dude Shirts

Big Dude and Little Dude

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