The Way This Simple Multiplication Was Solved Is Really A Mystery.

We can’t deny the fact that not all learning can be learned in school. As such, those easiest and fastest way to solve math problems in particular can actually be learned outside it. That may sound ironic, but based on how I see it, it really seemed that this was real.

Proving to it will be the video I’ll be showing you. This is about solving simple multiplication using your hands. Yeah, your hands. Ever imagine that? And don’t deny it, your teacher did not ever taught you that one right?

This will be done by simply counting your fingers. The example given to the video is the power of 9. Since our fingers is 10, this can really be a great example. What you just to do is count and flip that certain finger and then start counting without it. It may be hard to understand, but watch the video below.

And actually, as you see it, you’ll come to think and even solve it all by yourself. Then later, you’ll find out that it’s actually right. You’ll then think of why you did not learn to do that when you were still young. Am I right?

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The Way This Simple Multiplication Was Solved Is Really A Mystery.

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