Texas TV Reporter’s Internet Video Gone Viral After She Impressively Raps Blackalicious’s Song

For some, watching news on television is a great thing to know updates all over the world. There are lots of different TV reporters with different assignments such as field, center and even abroad. These people need to focus on their job in order to deliver news neat and clear to the people. With that, some our quietly briefing themselves behind the camera and make some energizers or warm up we never know.

Like on the video below how NewsWest9 news reporter Kim Powell amazingly raps Blackalicious’ song (Alphabet aerobics in a vocal warm-up routine) as part of her warm up for his news delivery. But she didn’t notice she’s on live TV on camera. Watch the video below.

She later tweeted, “You guys will never guess what song is stuck in my head.” After what she did, her video gone viral all over the world. We will leave your comment/reaction.

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