Herbs: Remarkable Health Benefits Of Sambong

Sambong, also known as Blumea balsamifera,” or “Blumea camphor,” is an aromatic shrub that grows from one to four meters in height.  It is a shrub that grows in the wild tropical climate countries such as Philippines, India, Africa and even in the eastern Himalayas.

Sambong is one of 10 Medicinal Plants in the Philippines endorsed by DOH. Sambong is a true medicine with food and drug department and is available in a tablet and at pharmacies.

It is prized in the Philippines for its medicinal properties.Among these is its diuretic property, which helps release water from the body. It is considered as a powerful diuretic that helps detox the body and cleanse the urinary tract.

Sambong Leaf
Sambong Leaf Photo grab from Allripe

It can also pass urinary stone through the urine. In fact, it is a well-known fro treating urinary tract problems such as urinary tract infections, kidney and bladder stones.

The Philippine National Kidney and Transplant Institute recommends sambong to slow of renal disease.

Sambong Leaf
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Usage and intake:

Sambong leaves are taken as a tea. The Fresh leaves can be chopped into small pieces. Then washed them under the running water thoroughly. Put the chopped leaves into a liter of boiling water for 10 minutes. Then let the tea cool.

The tea may be taken four times a day.

Sambong Leaf
Sambong Leaf Photo grab from iFarmBinhi

In the Philippines, Sambong is a good remedy relieve arthritis and cough.

To prepare this, You need to crush or grind the leaves into a paste and apply directly to the affected part.

To relieve fever, crushed Sambong leaves and soaked in a cold water, wrung out and placed between the sheets of clean cloth.

The cloth with the Sambong can be placed on the patient’s forehead or armpit to lower the body temperature and prevent convolutions.

Many people swear that sambong is a wonderful herb that will do make your body better. It’s a great herb that can lower blood pressure, healing urinary tract infections, lowering fevers and more.

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