Know 10 Things That KFC Is Not Telling You About – Mind-Blown

Food is the thing that keeps us alive in this world. It’s the source of our energy. That’s why, there many food chains that rose up to cater the hungry tummies of people. One of the most popular food chains in the world is KFC or the Kentucky Fried Chicken. What made it so popular is because of their friend chicken seasoned with “11 secret herbs and spices”.

But, what other things did you know about your favorite fast food? Did you know that the man behind KFC, Colonel Harland Sanders is not actually a Colonel of the military? This honorary title was just given to him by Kentucky’s Governor, Ruby Lafoon. Amazed, know more below!

Watch this video that will tell you the things that you most probably didn’t know about KFC. So interesting!

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Know 10 Things That KFC Is Not Telling You About – Mind-Blown

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