Who Are You Dating? Is It A Man Or A Boy? Find Out Here.

Women are said to be observant when it comes to men. And like men, they also have standards who to like and love. But oftentimes, women cannot tell if a man is a real man or just a boy. If you’re a woman and stuck in dating, then you SHOULD read this before you could feel any regrets.

How to actually tell if someone is a real man? Is it enough to know that he’s working? His muscles? How about a boy? Does he cry a lot? Or he’s more than you?

So, here’s the difference you should figure out before getting into a man:

1. Visit his place and when it’s pig sty, he’s a boy; if it’s well kept, he’s a man.

dating a man or a boy 1

2. A boy can’t handle finances and is often broke. A man knows how to prioritize his money and payments, and actually has a savings plan.

dating a man or a boy 2

3. A man has a career path in mind and is working his way towards that. A boy floats from job to job with unemployed stints in between.

dating a man or a boy 3

4. A man will confront a situation in person, and will fight with you in a way that works towards a solution. Boys will flight with you over text or messaging and is more concerned about being right than finding a solution.


dating a man or a boy 4

5. Boys will throw temper tantrums. Men know how to channel their emotions into productive results.

dating a man or a boy 5

6. A boy will flirt with other women and check out girls in front of you. Men will make you feel cherished.

dating a man or a boy 6

7. A man will have his own place and provides for himself. A boy still lives with his parents. I don’t care if he has a separate entrance.

dating a man or a boy 7

8. A real man will treat you like his girlfriend. A cousin treats you like a cousin, or a bro.

dating a man or a boy 7.jpg8

9. A boy gets jealous and insecure with any guy you talk to. A man is confident in your relationship and trusts you.

dating a man or a boy 9

10. A boy doesn’t have ambitions – he would rather play video games all day and drink all night. A man has ambitions and interests that don’t involve a bottle or a screen.

dating a man or a boy 10

11. With a boy, you’ll feel like his mother. A man will make you feel like a partner.

dating a man or a boy 11

12. A man won’t pressure you to take the risk. A boy will “forget” and hope you won’t make him, but isn’t ready for children.

dating a man or a boy 12

13. A boy is impetuous and impulsive, not thinking of consequence. A real man will think ahead and weigh the pros and cons.

dating a man or a boy 13

14. A real man will commit to you, whereas a boy will keep his options open.

dating a man or a boy 14

15. A boy will look for a girl with a hot bod. A man looks for a woman that has the qualities of a person who he would want to share his life with.

dating a man or a boy 15


(h/t): Diply

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