This Photographer Sets Off Into The Sea To Capture His Enormous Subject.. The Waves! Very Artistic!

In order to acquire one’s photographer’s workmanship, a subject or a theme for photography is needed. If some photographers would love to take shots of the beauty of a naked body, most are engaged in capturing Earth’s beauty, particularly of nature.

Animals, flowers, trees, sunset, sky, landscapes, seas.. but Photographer Clark Little regards for something different and enormous. His subject? Waves. Enormous waves. Exquisitely, he captured large scales of waves displaying the water’s beauty inside and out.


wave 18

wave 17

wave 16

wave 24

wave 23

wave 22

wave 21

wave 20

wave 19

wave 13

wave 14

wave 15

wave 8

wave 6

wave 5

wave 9

wave 10

wave 12

wave 1

wave 1

wave 2

wave 3

wave 4

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