30 Rides That Will Make Your Hand Grip Tighter


Carnival rides and rides in amusement centers are some of the best experience givers. Both adults and kids can get to experience the ride that will bring mixed feelings as it drives you up and down and in circles.

There are people who love rides while there are those who won’t even dare to ride on them or experience them for the second time around. Thrill lovers usually take them to relieve stress and to enjoy the view on top.

Nevertheless, rides will surely give us experiences that we won’t forget as the thrill it gives is usually different. Its sways, ups and downs, and its dragging movements are its peculiar features that we will only get to experience if we load ourselves with courage.

PM and Smashing Lists has posted the world’s 30 strangest rides.

1. Insanity: The Ride

Insanity: The Ride is available on top of Vegas’ Stratosphere. This ride brings passengers very good views coupled with thrilling effects.

Insanity The Ride

30 Rides That Will Make Your Hand Grip Tighter

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