30 Beautiful Christmas Hairstyles, These Ones Are Really Lovely!

December is one of the months that are loaded with many celebrations. It is in December that we get to celebrate Christmas and most of the people really prepare for the annual celebration.

Christmas trees are put up, lights are hung on the ceiling, and gifts are wrapped as December strikes. Usually, people buy red or green outfits for the Christmas day. Do you know that even your hairstyle could be aligned to the celebration? Bored Panda has recently compiled some of the most beautiful Christmas hairstyles.

Here is the list of the 30 beautiful Christmas hairstyles.

1. Christmas Tree Braid With Green Ribbon

A cute Christmas tree-inspired hairstyle.


2. Christmas Tree Braid

A unique and colorful Christmas Tree-inspired hairstyle.


3. Snowflake Braid

This one’s perfect for winter!

Princess Hairstyles

4. Christmas Wreath Braid

An angelic hairstyle for the little girls.


5. Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer Bun

How about an entertaining hairstyle like this?


6. Christmas Hairstyle

An elegant way of designing your hair.

7. Antler Wreath

This one’s cute and unique!


8. Beautiful Braid With Christmas Ribbons

Red and green on the hair!


9. Intricate Christmas Tree Braid

Wow! This one’s looks very lovely!


10. Glitter Roots Buns

How about a light purple-colored hair tied like this?


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