23 Brilliant Camping Hacks I Wish I Knew Earlier. #17 Really Saved My Day.

During the summer time most people spend their holidays with their family and friends on camping. There are some life hacks and tips that will surely make your camping a lot easier and enjoyable.

Some genius guys shared their tips and techniques on how we can use everyday objects in a more productive way. The list of life hacks below are very simple to implement.

How I wish I’ve learned those genius tips sooner than expected. Camping hacks No. 17 really amazed me, I’ve never thought that utensils are no longer needed while camping.

Here’s the list of the best camping hacks this summer to enjoy:

1. Keep an Extra Duct Tape on your Water Bottle

Duct Tape

Extra Duct Tape

2. Use an Acorn Cup as a whistle when lost.

Acorn Cup Whistle

Acorn Whistle

 3. Corn crips particularly Fritos or Doritos can be used as a substitute when starting a fire.

Camping Corn Chips

Corn Chips Fire Starter

4. Use deodorant as replacement for Mosquito bite itch queller.

Camping Deodorant

Deodorant as insect repellant

5. Before camping make your food and vacuum seal it.

Camping Free Made Food Vacuum Seal

Vacuum Seal Food

6. Make Pizza on your Pie Iron with Biscuit Dough.

Camping Make Pizza

Making Pizza

7. Keep your matches in a tupperware container so that it won’t get wet and glue a sandpaper on its cover.

Glue Sandpaper

Safety Match

8. Fill a gallon milk jug with water and 1/4 cup salt to use as a salt block for your cooler. The jugs mean that you won’t get water all over your food when the ice melts while the salt will make the cold last longer.

Camping Salt

Salt Will make cold lasts longer

9.  Straw can be used also to carry your seasoning.

Camping Seasoning Straw

Straw as Container

10. Use hooks and belts to hang your pots and pans.

Camping Belts

Uses of Belts While on Camping

11. Coolest tarp trick. Use a small stick to help secure your tent. 

Camping Tarp Tip

Tarp Trick

12. Keep your Toilet Paper dry with your unused CD spindle. 

Camping Toilet Paper

Unused Spindle is good for Toilet Paper

13.  Mountain Dew as lantern. Use Mountain Dew + Baking Soda + Peroxide = Lantern

Camping Mountain Dew

Let There Be Light

14. Make a travel coffee bags with the use of coffee filters and dental floss.


Useful for Avid Coffee User While Travelling

15. Make candle stakes for romantic nighttime lighting. 

Candle Sticks

Enjoy your Romantic Date While Camping

16. Point a head lamp into a jug of water for instant lantern.

Camping Light

Share the Light

17. Make a last-minute camping spoon with a knife and a empty plastic bottle. 

Camping Spoon

Plastic Bottle as Spoon

18. Make an easy-to-carry fire starter with match, coal and cardboard egg cartoon. 


Start Fire Easily

19. Cook cinnabuns (the canned kind) in an empty orange. 


Don’t Throw Your Consumed Orange.

20. Make a Portable Washing Machine (Instruction here). 

Portable Washing Machine

Make a Portable washing machine

21.  Make flaming Jell-O marshmallow shots. 


For a Flaming Date

22. Keep your toiletries hooked into a shower caddy.

Camping Toiletress

Keep your Toiletress Safe

23. Add bundles of sage to a campfire to keep mosquitoes away. 


Get Rid of Mosquitoes

If you care for your fellow campers during this summer, share with them the above-mentioned life hacks and enjoy your day while camping. Share the tips to your friends, do it right now, with just a simple click of the Share Button below.

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