Shocking Technology Predictions by Experts. I Couldn’t Believe Bill Gates & Einstein Failed.

The world’s greatest inventors and technology icons were often considered as model in our modern world but before they become famous they made some mistakes particularly on their future predictions of technology.

As technology icons and famous individuals they sometimes made dumb statement that they regret and learned their lessons in a hard way. There are times that we are also victims of those dumb things, luckily they are not recorded for posterity – unless you posted your thoughts on social networks.

The people listed below weren’t so lucky because they all made incredibly bold and wrong statement that live on decades later.

Here are those people who look into the future and got it terribly wrong:

1. The world’s greatest inventor Thomas Edison failed on his prediction with Alternating Current (AC):

Thomas Edison

2. Some genius individual thought that TV won’t last:

TV won't Last

3. Even the world’s richest man Bill Gates, founder of the largest software company, failed on his forecast with an Operating System. 

Bill Gates

4. The world’s greatest comedian Charlie Chaplin Failed:

Charlie Chaplin

5. Boeing Engineer Forecasts of Bigger Planes:

Heavier Airplane

6. Automobile Industry Flourished and considered as one of the fastest growing business in the world:

Horse will stay

7. One of the world’s greatest conquerors, Napoleon Bonaparte failed in navigation:

Napoleon Bonaparte

8. Radio is here to stay even at the advent of the internet:


9. Bullet Trains dominated major railways in the world:

Rail Transit

10. Submarine is now considered as one of the major weapons in naval battle:


11. Flying Machines are Impossible:

Heavier than Machine

12. Communications satellites are vital in today’s modern world:

T. Craven

13. Tanks protects infantry’s heavy casualties:

Tank Demo

14. With the use of the Telephone, Internet Started:

Telephone No Value

15. Most communications we enjoyed today started with the Telephone:


Even the brightest and most brilliant icons of the world failed in various ways, those failures served as an encouragement for them to dream high and provide the future generations with some of the greatest inventions and contributions to our society.

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