15 Optical Illusions That Are Mind-Boggling. Check Them Out, You’ll Be Hallucinating!

Optical illusions are fascinating while challenging our visual perception. Oftentimes, we find ourselves being irked because we cannot comprehend what an optical illusion is trying to portray.

Here are some examples of optical illusions that will fool your eyes and surely blow your mind:

Anamorphic Painting: a distorted projection or perspective requiring the viewer to use special devices or occupy a specific vantage point to reconstitute the image.

This incredible piece of anamorphic painting drawn on a street would stop you and make you think you would fall into the water if you step into it.

Anamorphic Painting

Looking at the animated image, you would think it’s swirling faster as it gets closer to the center. But if you’ll look at it further, you’ll see how it moves at the same rate.

Animated Brain Teaser

No, it’s not what you think it is! Dogs aren’t made to fly nor meant to have wings. It’s just a shot perfectly timed.


Scintillating Grid Illusion (Left): an optical illusion by superimposing white discs on the intersections of orthogonal gray bars on a black background. Dark dots seem to appear and disappear rapidly at random intersections. Now try counting the black dots.

Herman Grid Illusion (Right): an optical illusion characterized by “ghostlike” grey blobs perceived at the intersections of a white (or light-colored) grid on a black background. Did you see the dots?


Sharing this to my friend caused argument. He wouldn’t believe me when I told him it was actually the lips that was made to appear like an eye. He said it’s the other way around. How about you? What do you think is this?

Hungry Eye Illusion

This illustrations made by Nagai Hideyuki would tempt you to pick up the objects that were actually drawn.

Nagai Hideyuki 3D Art

This isn’t a painting of two birds. The colorful one you’re seeing are just leaves.

Painted Bird Optical IllusionWould you believe that all these three cars are actually of the same size? I tell you, my mind is still battling with the truth. Please click the image to see the proof.

Three Cars Same Size

Warning: Make sure you’re not drunk before staring at this image… let it do rest to make you feel groggy.

Premier Blaire

What did you see when you had your fist glance at this picture? Is it two senior citizens looking deep into each other’s eyes, or two young people deeply in love as the man serenades the woman?

Scary Illusion

Let’s see if you will pass the test for the sharp-minded.

Sharp Mind Illusion
Was it perfectly written? Take a second look! You might see some simple mistakes you didn’t notice.

These sets of circles drawn seemed to be spinning in different directions.

Spinning Circles

Looking at Storseisundet Bridge at this angle would make you stop and think twice if you’ll go through because it looks like it abruptly ends and there is nowhere else to go except down into the water below. Conquer your fears and head over the Storseisundet Bridge, you will find that the bridge continues right along just like it should.

Storseisundet Bridge Norway

This one really amazed me, knowing what some people can do with a little chalk and their imagination. Taking a look at this work of art, you start to think that a thin layer in the middle of the street was cut revealing a whole city below. The man who gazes in wonder at the people down there makes it harder to believe that he was actually staring at the chalk city.

Street Art Illusion

After seeing those eye-popping illusions, let’s test your visual and mental ability.

Stroop Effect

Did you pass the exam? Don’t feel bad if you did not because I myself failed.

Share this to others and let them experience this “star gazing” activity.

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