10 Weird and Strange Laws That Actually Exist in U.S.

Laws are promulgated to maintain order and justice in a certain community, nation and state.

However, not all the laws that are being implemented today are actually keeping those objectives. There are some regulations that might be weird, yet they are being observed for years already.

Take a look below for you to see some of the weird laws in United States of America according to ViralNova:

1. North Carolina

Bingo game should not last for more than 5 hours. It is illegal.

Weird Laws

2. Alabama

You should not wear a fake mustache inside the church. It may cause others to laugh out loud. It’s illegal as well.

Weird Laws-2

3. Florida

The use of computer is illegal for a while.

Weird Laws-3

4. New Hampshire

Before 2 p.m., no movie must be premiered in all theaters.

Weird Laws-4

5. South Carolina

You cannot play pinball, unless you are 18.

Weird Laws-5

6. Arkansas

You should pronounce the name of this state correctly, or else you will spend lots of time in jail.

Weird Laws-6

7. Idaho

Giving more than 50 pounds of chocolate is illegal on this state.

Weird Laws-7

8. Louisiana

You’ll be asked to pay $500 after sending a box of pizza to a friend without their knowledge.

Weird Laws-8

9. Maine

Christmas decors must only be up until January 14.

Weird Laws-9

1o Michigan

If you hurt a robber, they can actually charge you.

Weird Laws-10

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