These 10 Tricks Are Nearly Impossible To Do. I Thought The Last One’s Easy, But It’s Not. Try This If You Can!

People nowadays are into challenging things. People from different social media have been crazily participating to online challenges such as the cinnamon, fire, and the latest ALS ice bucket. But these challenges are quite easy for some people though there are still others who ended up hilarious and hurtful failure.

The video you’re about to see features ten things that are almost impossible to do. They may look very easy but they are not as what you would think they are – and I bet you probably won’t be able to win in these games.

Ready to take on the challenge? What the video below and try if you can.

When I first saw this, I didn’t think it would be very difficult (especially the last one) but when I tried it myself… I was totally wrong. Maybe some of you are able to do the first trick which is leaking your elbow especially when you have longer tongues but most of these challenges are really hard to do.

You can use these tricks to challenge your friends and surely, you’ll win the bet.

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