Here Are 18 Diagrams You Can Use For All Your Do-It-Yourself Needs

It’s fun to recycle and upcycle things, most especially when you’ll be using it for the second time around. Well, you don’t need to buy expensive tools but work on do-it-yourself projects simply by using some guides.

Where to find those? There are actually lots of tricks that you can over the internet, but there are also which are very common to use like these tips brought to you by all DIY enthusiasts and creative upcyclers.

1. Because there’s nothing worse than an itchy skirt.

Plus now you know how to use up that extra fabric.

DIY Diagrams 4

2. Make it stick by using the best type of glue.

Interestingly, the fabric glue doesn’t work on any fabrics.

DIY Diagrams 5

3. Sewing a new duvet cover.

DIY Diagrams 2

4. The use of essentials oils

This handy chart breaks it down for you. The first column is the essential oil with useful properties. The second column explains what they help with, and the third column tells you what to blend them with so that you don’t smell like a 15-year-old in a perfume store.

DIY Diagrams 1

5. Demystify those laundry labels.

Never shrink a shirt again.

DIY Diagrams 6

6. Prep your furniture correctly before painting.

Yes, it’s a lot of work, but wouldn’t you rather do it right the first time?


DIY Diagrams 18

7. Dress up your next DIY with a decorative knot.

This visual guide makes the sailor’s knot much easier.

DIY Diagrams 17

8. Brush up on your oil pastel skills.

Even if you mess up, you can say that it’s abstract.

DIY Diagrams 16

9. Perfect the pinwheel with this insanely easy guide.

You could totally make this out of paper, a pin, and a wooden dowel for a functional pinwheel. Just saying.

DIY Diagrams 15

10. Jazz up your typography with this guide.

Because everyone loves framed wall quotes.

DIY Diagrams 14

11. Save your pennies by making your own Mod Podge.

1 part water to 1 part white glue. Shake, and voila!

DIY Diagrams 13

12. A handy guide to the symbols on your crochet pattern.

Note that this is not a beginner’s guide.

DIY Diagrams 12

13. The secret of the perfect bow, finally.

All these years I thought I was a failed crafter.

DIY Diagrams 11

14. Basically Quilting for Dummies.

You literally can’t screw this up.

DIY Diagrams 10

15. Skip the guesswork when deciding on the length of a necklace.

Helpful for not only crafting, but online shopping. We all have our vices.

DIY Diagrams 9

16. Sewing By Hand 101

Who needs a sewing machine when you could have mad skills?

DIY Diagrams 8

17. For any DIY that requires work in the kitchen.

How many ounces do I need again? Just kidding, I have a handy chart to tell me.

DIY Diagrams 7

18. Set the mood with the right color.

Paint your child’s bedroom a calming color. Knowledge is power.

DIY Diagrams 3

(h/t): Diply

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