This Girl Will Teach You How To Contour Your Makeup With “SCOTCH TAPE”

Beauty expert and YouTuber Nicole Skyes shared to her more than 600,000 subscribers how to contour makeup using a scotch tape. Scotch tape is actually not the perfect material for makeup contouring, but according to her, it’s really an effective tool that all girls might use to outline the colors on their face. Watch her […]

How This Artist Turn Food Into Fashionable Dresses Will Make Your Mouth Water

Fashion illustrator Edgar Artis is currently making rounds online featuring some of his creative and delicious food artworks on the image-sharing site, Instagram. The artworks were embedded with different kinds of foods and ingredients such as fruits and vegetables, French fries and several kinds of snacks. Check out some of his mouth watering masterpieces: A […]

What The Color Of Your Clothing Right Now Tells About Your Personality – Good To Know

Everyday of our lives, we wear clothes in order to, of course, not expose our bodies to the public, to further protect our skin from scratches from foreign objects, and to keep the temperature of our bodies. Now, due to the height of fashion sense of many people in the society today, wearing clothes is […]

Guy Has Some Hilarious Has Some Unique Fashion Statement – Can Anyone Help This Guy?

In a world where the outside appearance is really given importance, one must meet the standards in order to be “in” to the society. But, as unique people, it’s always great to be who you are. Many spend huge amounts of money just to buy different beauty cosmetics in order to look beautiful. But, a […]

Filipino Celebrity Transforms Into Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez – Genius

With all the issues and controversies during the Miss Universe 2015 pageant, many people just can’t get enough of it. A male celebrity from the Philippines named Paolo Ballesteros made another “Makeup transformation” of Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez. Paolo made a noise worldwide because of his makeup transformations before of Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Dakota Johnson, […]

18-Year-Old Girl Creates Incredible Dresses Just Like The Disney Princesses – Lovely

Many children especially little girls have dreamt about being a princess someday. This is because of the influence of the Disney animation films that features princesses like Snow White, Cinderella, and more. What made them stand out is their iconic gowns and dresses. A really talented costume designer named Angela Clayton from Long Island, New […]

Comfy Feet: 12 Stylish Ways To Wear Your Sandals Like Bringing Back Summer Days

It’s nice to go around the city when you’re wearing nice clothes and footwear. Of course, you have to feel comfortable at first and so you choose the coziest outfit in your closet. When it comes to footwear, style is a dig deal because people will likely look into your feet. Summer is out but […]

12 Easy DIY Outfits That You Will Love To Make And Your Kids Will Love To Wear

Getting your kiddo something to wear is not an easy task for a parent. Of course, you have to spend money just to make sure that they look good on the clothes they wear. But as they grow old, their once-wore clothes are no longer in use because they quickly grow out of it. Buying […]

Must Try And Easy To Do Top Knot In Just 45 Seconds

Top knots are one of our favorite standby hairstyles. Whether it’s a rainy day or a formal event, when you need a simple, classy look, few hairstyles work as well as this one. But, easy as it looks, we’re not always able to get it perfect. Especially when you have a bad hair day or […]

Gentlemen, Here Are 18 Ways To Tie Your Necktie

One must wear formal clothes to look formal and presentable to other’s eyes. To women, it’s wearing dress and to men, it’s wearing suit. Women have no worries in wearing dresses and so we’ll be tackling about men’s. For sure, you are familiar with necktie. It’s an added ingredient for men’s suit and it should […]

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