Visual Artist From Mexico Shares Stories Through Paintings, #13 Is Very Peculiar!

Artists are the ones who have great imaginations. They are the kind of people who can visualize even the most odd perception of a thing and still have meaning on it. Their imaginations may go from simple realistic scenes to the ones which seem unbelievable.

There is this artist from Mexico City who made use of his skill to share the stories in his mind. He is Hector Valdivia and based on his statement in Bored Panda, drawing and painting has been his passion since he was young.

He also affirmed his joy in sharing his dreams through his artworks even up to the present times. He emphasized that he really gives ample time on his artworks which are usually animals and magical places.

Here is the list of his artworks.

1. The Ku Bird


2. Sea to Cosmos


3. Musicologist Cat


4. Traveller


5. Between Wind and Moon


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