30 Photo Gallery Of Amazing Log Pile Art

This Unique kind of an art caught the attention of the artist from all over the world. This kind of art proves that imagination has no limit. Everything can be applied in arts. Through piling of  logs can create an amazing art form.

These photos are compiled by Bored panda. Wherein some creative people  out there who arrange huge piles of logs into beautiful pictures that will gradually disappear as they are burned throughout the cold winter months.Bored Panda compiled and showcases the a

Bored Panda compiled and showcases the art of wood piling.  There are even art galleries that have showcased art like this.

Here are some of the best Log Pile art.

#1 Fallen Tree


#2 Forest Hog


#3 Owl Mosaic


#4 Round Woodpile 4-round-woodpile

#5 Owl Mosaics 5-owl-mosaics

#6 Spiral Wood Sculpture 6-spiral-wood-sculpture

#7 Firewood Tower 7-firewood-tower

#8 Artistic Wood Stack

Stacked firewood art. Piled wood, grass and flowers.

#9 Totoro Mosaic 9-totoro-mosaic

#10 Fish Wood Stack


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