17 Mash-Ups Of Simpsons And Pokemon Characters, Brilliant Artworks!

Are you also a fan of The Simpsons and Pokemon like almost all the other kids out there? Undeniably, the characters in The Simpsons and Pokemon are really loved by many people.

Have you ever thought of combining these lovely and amazing characters of The Simpsons and Pokemon? One London-based designer and illustrator has thought of that and brought it to reality.

Based on a post shared in Bored Panda, Nick Thompson who runs Thumbs on Etsy combined the characters of The Simpsons and Pokemon in his artworks. Indeed, the result are brilliant masterpieces.

Here is the list of the 17 mash-ups of Simpsons and Pokemon Characters by Nick Thompson.

1. Ralph X Psyduck


Thumbs Design

2. Homer X Blastoise


Thumbs Design

3. Marge X Lapras


Thumbs Design

4. Mrs Krabappel X Jynx


Thumbs Design

5. Bart X Pikachu


Thumbs Design

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