Behold, 3D Printed House That’s Tornado Resistant – Must See

Having a house could be one of the most highly prioritized things in this world. Yes, indeed, people needs a shelter to live in.

But, in order to build a house, one needs a lot of money. That’s why it is really a big investment to make.

In houses, home are started. Families and relationships are being developed and strengthened. Basically, it’s really needed in order to live and survive in this life.

In order to construct a house, normally, one needs much money, time, and effort to build a house in a scope of time. But, did you know that one can now make a house using 3D printing?

This is what the guys from Total Kustom have done in building a tornado-resistant house using 3D Printing.

Watch this video now posted on the YouTube channel of Andrey Rudenko.

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