Photographer And Her Dog Explore Several European Countries In Search Of Decayed And Abandoned Places

Dogs are truly the most loyal pet in the world. They are always there by your side to comfort you when you are sad and they are willing to play with you to make you happy. But this dog has her own unique story.

The dog loves to pose like a professional model. Her name is Claire, she’s a Three year old Butt favourite model, my muse.

According to the owner, Claire doesn’t see herself as a dog, she has human traits. Together, the two are exploring abandoned buildings since they were little over two years now.

The Photographer said that they visited prisons, military bases, coal mines, trains, planes, monasteries, churches, hospitals, farms and private houses.

In fact, they have already travelled extensively through several European countries in search of decayed and abandoned places.

Here are some of Claire’s beautiful photos!


Desperate housewife




Let’s do some ‘we shouldn’t be doing this’ things




The English patient





Go see the doctor




Sing us a song



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