This Dog Will Show You His Balancing Skills While He Takes A Bath

Taking a bath is one best way to freshen up. It may be in a pool, in a beach, in a pond, at home or anywhere it may be. Somehow, it’s actually not about on the place. Because as long as you feel the water, been wet and best refreshed, it will be all that matters. Perhaps, just make sure that it’s clean and safe for your health.

Talking about that thing, this dog on the video got his own way to take a bath. You know where and how he did it? Well, he did it on his own bath tub. He even did that balancing on his head to show how much he really loves to take a bath. And of course, it really looks strange. For a dog who loves to take a bath? How was it anyway? Watch the video below.

Somehow, it also looks like this dog really want to have that time to get relaxed even just for a short while. And by simply looking at him, you’ll really see how much he enjoys and love the water. Actually, it looks like he’s willing to sacrifice everything just to take a bath and it’s really so cute, right?

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