This Cute Puppy Reacted Weird When He Saw His Owner Wearing A Facial Mask

Animals are truly funny once they are doing something crazy, they’ll surely put smile on our face once we are having a bad day. If you are a pet lover, you’ve probably done a lot of funny stuff together with your animals at home.

Are you fun of watching cute animal videos online? If you are, you definitely need to watch this video because it will surely make your day. This video was uploaded by the channel Rumble Viral on YouTube where you can find the cutest and funniest animal videos ever. Check what this funny dog did after seeing his owner wearing a facial mask.

This cute puppy is quite confused; he never knew that his owner is just wearing a face mask. He reacted so adorably funny because he thought it was someone. He tried to run away and look again to check if it is really his owner. LOL!

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